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Introducing LGT

We want everyone to enjoy the Let's Get Together sessions. Have fun, meet and make friends, relax and unwind. With that in mind, and for the well-being safety and comfort of all we have written the following.

What LGT is and how we can help

Let's Get Together - offers a regular, inclusive cafe/club to over 50's, with or without a memory problem to address isolation and loneliness. Any individual with a disability, who is usually supported or supervised at home must be accompanied by a companion or carer as Let's Get Together cannot provide respite care or assistance with visits to the toilet.

Attendance times - try to arrive no earlier than five minutes before the cafe starts. This is because the facilitator needs time to set up and organise the room and won't be able to have a conversation with you. Also, for health and safety reasons we wish to avoid any tripping over bags and boxes - the facilitator usually has a lot of resources to carry in and out of the venue.

The facilitator's role - is to deliver activities and is not a counsellor.
If you need information about living well at home, help with filling in forms or need to speak to someone because you are concerned about anything please let the facilitator know during the refreshment break and she will signpost you to someone who can help, such as Carer's Gloucestershire or Age UK . If you are worried about your memory or want to know what support there is for those with a diagnosis of dementia the Alzheimer's Society can help. Please refer to our links page if you wish to contact any of these organisations directly yourself

Thank you we look forward to seeing you at...

Let's Get Together

Huge thanks to the GP Clinical Commissioning Group for funding LGT cafes, Stroud District Council for allowing us to use their sheltered housing lounges free of charge, our generous cafe volunteers and last but not least, David Thould for creating and managing the LGT website.